Women’s Committee

Our women are involved in various programs that help facilitate the mission of our organization. Below are examples of programs the Women’s committee carries out on behalf of Farm Bureau. There is also opportunity for our ladies to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge about Farm Bureau by attending several conferences.


KY Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Conference - A statewide women’s leadership conference is held each year, attracting participants from across Kentucky. Sessions deal with current ag issues, farm/home concerns, consumer education and expanding leadership roles.

Food Check-Out Day & Week – A national campaign led by the American Farm Bureau which commemorates the calendar day when the average American family will have earned enough income to pay for the entire year’s food supply. With a focus on affordable food in the United States, this campaign provides an excellent opportunity for county Farm Bureaus to show the value of local farmers.

Marketbasket Survey – Grocery store price surveys allow periodic release of news media information on food price factors and food industry trends.

National Ag Week – Over the past few years, Farm Bureau volunteers have successfully used National Ag Day and Kentucky Ag Literacy Week as an opportunity to promote Kentucky agriculture by reading an “Accurate Ag Book” in classrooms throughout the state. This year we are again asking women to participate in this Ag Literacy effort.

County-Wide Spelling Bee - Fayette County Farm Bureau serves as the host and sponsor for this event as a way to serve our community and youth. Youth ages 4-8th grade compete in a Scripts Howard regulated spelling bee for various prizes and a chance to represent Fayette County in the state –wide spelling bee.

Ag in the Classroom – We participate in various projects throughout the year to help promote Agriculture in the classroom. We have a traveling Barn that is available for loan to any school or teacher to use in their lesson planning. It comes complete with lesson plans and videos.


Committee Members


Jane Elam- Chair

Edie Swetnam

Serena Gilkison

Mary Witt

Sherry Ferguson

Minnie Guilfoil

Bonnie Eads

Jill Mahan

Maxine Guilfoil

Linda Tucker

Janet Peyton


Sarah Carolyn Sanderlin

Jennifer Millard

Kristin Clark

Vicki Watkins

Judi Blake

Brenda Craig

Tanya Dvorak

Carla Gurthie

Danielle Milbern

Julie Waits